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How can I have students only view the mastery gradebook?

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How can I turn off the traditional gradebook and only allow students to view grades by the mastery gradebook?


I am trying to create assignments and use rubrics with outcomes. I want students to get feedback based upon the outcomes and not overall assignment score.  If we are trying to fundmentally shift our grading to standards(outcomes) based grading, then the Canvas gradebook needs to reflect this change. Students and parents will always view the point/average system of a traditional gradebook unless we are able to force them into viewing only the mastery gradebook.

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Hello @jacoway 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with allowing students to only view the mastery gradebook. Basically, the Mastery Connect gradebook and Canvas gradebook integrated within your course are not able to be separated for student view. The Mastery gradebook (connected to Mastery Connect) is tied to the canvas gradebook and disabling assignment views or the grades tab altogether will also disable the mastery view. We understand the need and  want for something like this and  you  may have options. Firstly, you  should speak with your school or institution. They may be able to provide an alternative to achieve  your goal and/or work with Canvas directly to set up something custom for you. Secondly, you can contact Mastery Connect directly - they may also have an option for you for students to view their course work outside of Canvas since there technically is a second gradebook (on their platform) that they are syncing over to Canvas. You can contact them here:


Hopefully this helps!

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