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How can I print out all of student submissions for a given assignment plus submission details?

I am having a hard time looking at my computer screen and would like to print all of my student's submissions at once, rather than file by file from the download. 

The fact that I am unable to print from within the Canvas grading area seems like a real missed opportunity. At least this way I could page through all of them hitting a button on each.

Also, my students do not seem to get that they need to put their name on their submissions, and it seems like it should be trivial for Canvas to both print everything out and append the student name and date of submission to each.

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@JillianWallis -

If you are talking about an actual assignment (i.e. not a quiz), then you  can perform a bulk download of all submissions (in the picture below, project 7 is an assignment showing in the grade book, the download submissions link is near the bottom from the menu options).  That download will contain all files that the students uploaded and it will have their names attached to the file name.

You can then print those files as you desire.

Annotation 2021-12-06 135752.png

Here is the instructor manual page on download - it shows downloading from the assignment itself

If you are referring to something other than a regular assignment, then options exist as well for those.

As I said in my original post, I can download them all and then print them individually, but that process is annoying as all get out. While I appreciate that Canvas provided meaningful file names with the student name, etc., unfortunately does not lead to that information printing along with the rest of the file.

What would be really useful is if there was a print button on each assignment in the speed grader interface, that printed the assignment files with the student metadata on them. Attempting to print the browser page that included both the assignment and the student information lead to a horrible overlapping frame mess, that obliterated the student work. It is possible to create a different layout for printouts than for display, and this is a real opportunity for Canvas to improve the instructor experience.

@JillianWallis - Okay.  I misunderstood your post about downloading all of your students submissions.  I took that to mean one submission from each student in the class.  However, After the comment  by @Ambrosety and by you I am now interpreting your post as printing out the multiple submissions made by one student.

As far as I know(which is not much) there is no way to do what you want within Canvas.  However, if you are familiar with script writing (perl, bash, etc), you could probably write a script to do what you want as far as taking the canvas file name information and creating file names for each assignment with meaningful information(words instead of numbers) that could then be batch printed. Not that you should be required to do something like the above, but it is another unfortunate result of the some of the shortcomings of Canvas.