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When using 'outcomes', you have to choose how Canvas will calculate the overall scoring of every outcome. You can now choose between several options (see screenshot in Dutch), one of which is the 'decaying average'. Not an option is a normal 'average'. I would really like that to be one of the options!


decaying average.png

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Community Coach

Good morning, @stijn_castel ...

If you would like to see additional options included for Outcomes, I would suggest that you submit this as a Feature Idea here in the Community.  That way, if others here in the Community would also like this option included as well, they can give your idea a star rating and also provide comments on why it would be important to them, too.  This is one of several ways that Instructure gets feedback from us, as end users, to know what we'd like to see included in Canvas.  Here are some documents for you to look through:

Hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any questions along the way...thanks!

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