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How do I create sections within a quiz?

I'd like to create sections with a quiz with instructions for each section (maybe a multiple choice section, followed by a T/F, etc.). How can I do this?

I'd like each section to have its own set of instructions, and to be able to randomize item order within that section.

For T/F items, I'd like to have a single stem for several items (and have items in randomized order within this stem).


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @DD8 ...

You'd probably want to use this Guide to put your instructions for each section within your quiz:

How do I create a Text (no question) quiz question... - Instructure Community

Then, underneath each "Text (no question)" item in your quiz, you can then create question groups:

How do I create a quiz with a question group to ra... - Instructure Community

You'd then start putting any questions that you want within that specific question randomize them as you want.

So, for example...your entire quiz might look like:

  • Multiple Choice Questions - Instructions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (10 total questions, picking 5 at random to display for students)
  • True/False Questions - Instructions
  • True/False Questions (20 total questions, picking all 20 at random to display for students)

For that True/False stem...  are you wanting each True/False question to start out with the same sentence/phrase?  If so, that stem could certain go within the "Text (no question)" item.  You'd just need to make it absolutely clear to your students that this stem should be applied to all they may need to scroll up the screen a bit to re-read the stem if they need to.  This is one reason why it might be helpful to include that stem in every True/False question instead.  Just a thought.

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, I think I have the "new quiz" option, which doesn't have that functionality. I don't have the option of adding a "text" item, nor create a question group.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello again, @DD8 ...

Do you think that trying stimulus content along with questions might work?  For example, I tried this:


As you can see, on the left you can have whatever content you want...and then on the right you can have your questions.  For this, I just made a single stimulus content and then added two multiple choice questions to it.  You could maybe do something similar...with a separate stimulus for all your True/False questions.  The only thing is...I'm not sure if you can randomize the questions within each stimulus...if that was important to you.

Check out this Guide for more details: How do I insert stimulus content in New Quizzes?

Hope this might help a bit.

Side note: Ugh...I misspelled "example" in my screen shot.  🤣

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Thanks, this would work for the T/F issue. 

Still can't make sections with the "new quiz" tool.