How do I duplicate events in my calendar as a student

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I am a student, I want to duplicate an event I have created.

The event is categorized under the calendar titled (my own name) in the calendar categories on the right side of the screen. 

When I try to duplicate the event, I first click on the event, then EDIT, then MORE OPTIONS, but there is no checkbox there that says DUPLICATE. 

I've tried looking for the duplicate checkbox  under the calendar categories that my instructors created. It is there and I duplicate the events under those calendars, but I can't duplicate events for the calendar titled under my own name. 

How do I duplicate events in my calendar as a student

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Community Coach

Hello @kb30 ...

The "Duplicate" checkbox seems to only be available at the time you or your instructor are first creating the event.  It allows you to set the frequency of the event (such as every week, every two days, every three months, etc.)  I'm not sure if by "duplicate", you are wanting to just create an additional copy of that event that's already been created?  If so, that doesn't appear to be exactly what the "Duplicate" feature least not after the event has already been created.

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are asking for, but I found a Feature Idea called Copy a Calendar Event - Instructure Community (  You might want to read through it to see if it's what you are hoping to see implemented in Canvas.  You can even give it a star rating and comment on the discussion letting Instructure know why this would be important to you.

Let Community members know if we can be of further help...thanks!

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