How do I hide announcements copied from a previous course?

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I have copied a previous course, including all announcements, but I would like the students to see them, when I think it is time to post them, not from the beginning of the course. (The students are already enrolled in the course, and its published).

How do I do that?

And is the "lock/undlock" function a solution? I cannot find any explanation on that.



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Hello  @jsc ...

In addition to the information that  @Bobby2  provided to you, another option for you might be to use a sandbox course.  (If you don't have one of these, talk to your local Canvas administrator who might be able to set one up for you.)  Basically, you could copy your announcements to your "sandbox" course, and then when you are ready to release them, just copy them to your current course as needed.  That way, when you copy content from one course to another before the start of the semester, you aren't having to edit all your announcements to set delay dates on them.

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Rats. Apologies. I just went in and tried to edit one of my announcements and the date option wasn't there. I'm so sorry! 

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