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How do I remove myself as instructor in the Groups in the course I teach?

In one of my courses, I have created eight groups in which small numbers of students can work on projects together.  I am automatically included as the instructor, which (apparently) means I am copied in on their communications.  How do I remove myself or, at least, how do I take myself out of the communication loop?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @daniel_beller-m ...

For clarification, did you create a Group Set and the Groups within that Group Set via your "People" page of the course?  If this is the case, it is my understanding that instructors cannot assign themselves to Groups within the Group Set.  Only students can be assigned to those Groups.  So, I'm not entirely sure how you'd be assigned to one of the Groups within the Group Set.  The only way this might be possible is if you were dual-enrolled in your course with both the "Teacher" and the "Student" role at the same time ... which I think is still possible.  Just to be sure, I logged in to my own sandbox course where I had some Groups Sets already created.  I confirmed that I am only able to add students to the Groups in those Group Sets.  I am not able to add myself as a member of any Group within a Group Set.

Hope to hear back from you soon, Daniel.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

Community Champion

Hi@daniel_beller-m, I would love to know how an instructor can become a group member! That would be great.  Maybe there's been an update I don't know about. I hope to hear from you.

Or maybe you created the group set and groups, but didn't make a group discussion by checking "This is a Group Discussion"?  Perhaps you used Assign to, and assigned copies of the discussion to different groups? You could definitely subscribe or unsubscribe to those.