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How do I transfer a student's assignments/grades from one Canvas course to another?

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My school is still shifting students around, and so some are getting transferred to different class periods, which are different sections this year for me for my Canvas. Unfortunately, none of their assignments are transferring with them. Do my kids have to do it all over again, or is there a way to transfer their assignments from one course to the other? Otherwise this will be extremely tiresome for them to have to constantly redo the whole course when we're already halfway through first quarter. 

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If you (temporary) enroll her in the old course, the grades will pop up again. Then you may perform the export/import described by  @jonesn16 ‌

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You could export the grade book, get rid of the students whose grades you don't want to transfer, then import the edited grade book to the new course. Canvas lets you create a csv of all the grades in a course that you can edit in Excel or Numbers. Here are two articles, one about exporting the csv file, and one about importing the csv file:

The problem is, the student is no longer in the previous course that she did all the work in, so I have nothing to import, and I'm not sure how to find her. So for example, she was removed from my period 4 course and placed in 5th. Her listing for 4th no longer exists, same for her assignments. 

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This might be different at my institution. When something like that happens where I work, I can find them in the old course. She would be marked inactive for me. If you go to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the grade book for the period 4 course and click "Show Inactive Students," does she appear?

If you (temporary) enroll her in the old course, the grades will pop up again. Then you may perform the export/import described by  @jonesn16 ‌

Isn't that just copying the grades and not actually moving the deliverables the students submitted? It wouldn't include any marking on rubrics for each assignment either, would it? Or outcomes achievement?

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Yes, as far as I know (and have been able to find), you have to manually download all the submissions as well as also manually download the teacher comments. If the teacher and the student want to see their work in Canvas, the student has to resubmit. It's not great. (Ask me what brought me to this thread and what I've spent the last 30 minutes doing for one student in one class...)

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