How long does the export content work?

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When I export content of a course I see a warning "Content export files cannot be downloaded after 30 days". What does it mean? That I will not be able to download the files I exported into my computer in another system  (I am going to do it in another  university system), or it means that I will not be able to download the course from the Canvas after 30 days since  I created the course in the Canvas. How long are the files workable once they are in my computer?

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The 30 days refers only to the link and corresponding download within Canvas. Once you generate the course export, you have 30 days to download the course export. If you wait more than 30 days and need to download it, then you will need to generate a new link.

The content in the download is not limited to 30 days (or any length of time). As long as you download it within 30 days, you could come back in 2 years (for example) and still use the content.

The content is not tied to a university and can be downloaded from one institution and uploaded into another instance of Canvas.

One thing to consider when moving content between universities is who the owner of the content is. Some universities give intellectual property rights to faculty and some keep it for themselves. Canvas does not distinguish between the two, so it is up to you and your employers to manage this.

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