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How to Disable Report Generation on Ungraded Quiz for Teachers Only or Academics?

With several Teachers sharing one module with different student groups, every Teacher can access the report in the final ungraded survey and see what student feedback their peers received. That is through the CSV report generated by the Student Analysis button. If we could have the option to disable this permission on ungraded surveys to Teachers (or Academics in general), it would raise the sense of confidentiality and fair-play among academics.

Would you be able to add this feature or do you see other possible solutions on Canvas? The condition is that we want more Teachers to manage one course, just split the students between each other, and have only one final survey for all students where no Teacher can find the concrete answers.

Thanks in advance!

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Good morning, @Steeplechaser ...

When you say "ungraded surveys", I assume that you are using the current Classic Quizzes interface in a Canvas course to create an ungraded survey.  With that assumption, I am not sure if you have heard or not, but Instructure (the folks that make Canvas) are not really doing any more significant development on Classic they are focusing their time on the newer quizzing interface...New Quizzes.  Unfortunately, New Quizzes does not have the same graded/ungraded survey options that are included with Classic Quizzes (though I'm sure some people have figured a way to somehow emulate a survey using New Quizzes).

Next, your question sounds like a suggestion for an enhancement to Canvas.  I see that you are a New Member here in the Community.  Normally, I would suggest that you create a new Feature Idea centered around this request.  However, since you are a New Member, you have to do a bit more participation in the Community and "rank up" before you can start submitting Feature Idea requests.  Here are a few documents that I'll share with you:

You might try searching for existing ideas similar to what you are requesting to see if there is anything you can give a star rating to and/or comment on.  (By the way, Feature Ideas aren't the only way that Instructure gets feedback from end users on what to work on/develop.)

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this.  Thanks!

Good evening, @Chris_Hofer ,

Yes, you correctly deduced that I am referring to ''Classic Quizzes''. I had failed to find existing ideas similar to my request before I posted here. Thank you for the tips on how to rank up, though. I am sure and can see this helps others, too.

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Fantastic update so far. Thanks for your information. 🙂

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