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How to access class work on Speedgrader after adding students for late work and a new due date?

I've added a few students to the assignment for late work submissions.

Since then, I'm only able to see those students in Speedgrader, not the whole class.



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Community Coach


I've seen this many time. I'm guessing what happened is in the Assignment settings you removed "Everyone", and added just the individual names of these students.  The result is that the Assignment is no longer assigned to everyone in your class; just these students.  Instead what you should have done is to leave Everyone and click the +Add button below set up a 2nd set of dates.  Add the students to this section with appropriate dates and you'll notice that Everyone has changed to Everyone Else.

To fix this and bring back all of the other submitted assignment, simply Edit the Assignment, click the +Add button and select Everyone.  Then set the dates to what is appropriate for them.  All of the grades and submissions should magically come back when you do this (Yea cloud applications like Canvas that never really delete anything).


Thanks for your reply Rick, I actually had everyone for the original due date then a few days later I clicked Add to give a later date for a few students. The original date with everyone was still there, so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t see everyone in Speedgrader.

Thanks for your reply,


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