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How to create folders in Conferences tab?

Can you make folders in the Conferences tab so that each graduate student (4 total) has their own Conference meetings with their sections and recordings in their own folder?

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Hi  @krischin ‌, instead of using the Conferences page, you can create a group set and then manually add each graduate student to their own group. Within those groups, they can create, edit, and record conferences. 

Thank you for the response! We used to do this, but for the particular course we were keeping every section (group) together on the main lecture site. I guess there is no way to structure folders within Conferences.

 @krischin , you're correct there is no way to put conferences into folders. I did want to point out that even if you are not using sections, you can still use groups. Sometimes groups and sections are mixed up, but they are actually different things that can be used separately.