How to turn on the Discussion link?

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How do I turn on discussions so students can see them?

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Community Coach

Hello  @bradford_houk ...

If you are wanting to make your "Discussions" course navigation button visible to your students, then you can do so by following the instructions in this Guide: How do I manage Course Navigation links?  You would then also want to be sure that any of the discussion topics are "published" so that your students can see them.  

Another option for you, though, is to keep your "Discussions" button hidden from students.  Many instructors do this and choose to build out their course content in via the "Modules" button in their course.  They can organize their content in as many modules as they want...including discussion topics.    So, this might be something to consider as well.

I hope this information will be of help to you, Brad.  Let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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