How to upload a video from my iPhone to an assignment?

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I have created my video for my assignment with my iPhone however, I have compressed the file and it is still to large for me to submit. It has to be 10 minutes long. What do  I need to do to submit my assignment?

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This is a great question! As a teacher, I often make sure that students have a few choices on how to upload a file (especially the big ones).

I always have File Uploads and URL submission enabled. The URL submission is really nice because students can elect to share a link to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Alternatively, they could share a URL to an unpublished YouTube or Vimeo video.

With File Uploads, it can definitely take a while to get into Canvas. Before starting, double-check the file format so it's accepted.

What Submission Types are allowed? If you only see File Upload, it may be worthwhile asking your instructor to consider a URL option too. They may have a good reason they can share with you if they opted for "no", but oftentimes, the conversation about offering different submission options can be very valuable for everyone!

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