How to weight individual assignment grades

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How do assignments receive different weightings? Do the points in assignments refer to the overall weight given the assignment.

I have trouble understanding if the program does a very simple grading scheme- I give a letter grade to an assignment (in grading) and the program uses a percentage weighting of that assignment (in assignments) to calculate the final grade. Is this what happens automatically or do I need to make choices?

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Yes, @finndt there are several choices to be made. It sounds like your course and assignments have a grade scheme enabled. You can see the details (including the letter-to-percentage ratio) by selecting the appropriate link on the Course Details tab of your Settings page. More information is in the Canvas Guides document  How do I add a grading scheme to an assignment?.

Note that each assignment must have a points possible and the overall score or grade for a class is usually a direct calculation: points awarded divided by points possible. If the course has a grading scheme enabled, that calculation is converted to a symbol based on the values in the grading scheme.

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