I accidentally deleted many past assignments and can only recover a few with the /undelete hack

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So yesterday I couldn't figure out how to delete a few assignments out of my grade book. I removed the due date, said not for grading, etc., etc. Nothing would work, so eventually I just went to my assignments tab, changed the focus to Quarter 2 and deleted anything and everything I didn't want. Well I'm not exactly sure what happened, but somewhere in the midst of all of that, I deleted nearly everything from Quarter 1. Thankfully, I had already turned in grades, but I still want the assignments there. I tried the /undelete hack at the end of my canvas URL and it only restores 1-2 assignments per class. It only shows the last 25. Is there any other way to recover these assignments? I would even be open to resetting my Canvas to as it was Monday morning of this week. 

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Sorry, missed that you already tried undelete. I would then speak to your Admin team and/or Canvas Support, then.

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