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I can't grade quizzes, the box is grayed out.


My students have done a quiz and I want to mark if they passed or not through speedgrader. But that field is grayed out.

The only students who got marked as passed were the ones who got 100%. There is no option to set the limit lower than 100%. Therefore they all keep appearing on my todolist.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @AdamKundurakis 

Could you please show us a screenshot of the settings for the quiz?

Also, did you enable a pass/fail grade scheme?

I have some ideas, but need to make sure.



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@kmeeusen Yes I used pass/fail. Also included the options, translation:
mix question
mix answers
one question at a time
require pass code
time limit
Allow calculator
Allow several tries
Limit result visibility


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My coworkers have the same problem that Speedgrader is not tied to the new quizzes. The students cannot see my feedback (yes, it is published).