I cannot access to my class

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Hey, I am having problems with accessing to my class. My professor says he sent me the invitation, but as i open canvas (i logged in from my google account with free for teacher), and it doesnt show any course, any invitation, and i dont know what to do. I am trying to log in with canvas instructure but it tells me that my password is wrong, even though it is correct. I click to the option forgot the password but i just receive a mail saying that my account is associated with the one from free for teacher, and it also says that if my password doesnt work, i should contact the system administrators to check how can i change or verify it. 

I hope you can help me, i have been trying to talk with my professor, but he is not helping me. I dont know what else can i do.

thank you so much ! 

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Hi @117966504774025 

This is a public discussion board for Canvas users from different schools from all over the world.  I'm afraid we have no information about your account, and no access to your instructor's course.

If the course that you are trying to access is from a specific school, I'd recommend contacting the Help Desk at that school.  Many schools have their own Canvas instances which are totally separate from the "free for teachers" version, , and thee school will be able to help you resolve any problems with your account.

Also, if the teacher added you to a course, you should have gotten an email invitation from Canvas.  If you didn't, that means that the instructor enrolled you under a different account or email address, or the invitation is stuck in your SPAM folder.

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