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Images in Announcement Emails

Why can we add images to an announcement, but the images do not display in the emails? After all, pictures say a thousand words. Most of my announcements in a course are dependent on the accompanying images. And nothing in the email says to click View Announcement to see the entire message including images.

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Just adding my voice. Yes! I like to add cartoons and memes, just to be more personal, and occasionally I add images that help with assignments. Can we please get this fixed?

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Someone may have flagged this question as solved, but what remains unsolved is Canvas unwillingness to keep developing its product.

With Blackboard at least the company was receptive to improvement. Canvas is a great LMS, but what you see is what you get.

I appreciate knowing that, but that's not a solution, it's a work around.  The same issue was in Blackboard - I was hoping for better from Canvas. 

Hey Canvas team - images need to be in context in the original message.  The link removes the spontaneity for the reader and puts one more barrier in place for student learning.

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Adding to this that this issue is not solved but needs to be ASAP!