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Is there a way to add an image or screen shot into a message? I have kids who ask how to do something and it would be nice to be able to add a screen shot of the button or place to click.

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Hi @Cindy_Perry 

Canvas Inbox message editor does not include a Rich Text Editor, so this is not possible in Canvas.

However, you could easily to this with an announcement, and I would recommend that as a better practice. The question one student asks, is always the question that several students were afraid to ask. By posting the answer in an announcement, all the students get it.

What I like to do in my courses is create a space just like the Questions Forum in this community - I create a Q&A Discussion Forum in my Canvas courses (like a dynamic FAQ). Students ask their questions, I answer them, all students can research or ask their own questions and see all answers. I even encourage my students to answer their classmates' questions, and if they do so correctly, I give them a couple bonus points for the term.

I hope this is helpful,


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