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I recently bought an iPad which has iOS 14 and the pictures are not being displayed on the Canvas app. However my Galaxy tab is able to display the same images. Can someone please advise on the issue. Screenshot attached, thanks!


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Hi @Samanta and others on this thread. 

Canvas Student Version 6.9.4 was released recently and had the following update: 

- Added an option to Settings to allow cross-website tracking to temporarily fix images not loading in rich content

You can access this setting through iOS Setting > Student.

Do you know if this solves this issue? 

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One of my coworkers found the solution for why we were not seeing Allow Cross Site Tracking in settings for the Canvas Student app using iPads.

1. Go to Settings and choose Safari - make sure Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is turned off.

2. Now go back to settings and choose the Canvas student app.  Now you will see the option to have Allow Cross-Website Tracking to be turned on or off.  

Canvas is recommending to leave it turned on to be able to view images in the app.  This indeed is working for us now and we are able to see images in the Canvas Student app.



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