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Images within Quizzes

I would like to embed an image in a quiz.  I have had some students report they are unable to see the image.  How can I embed an image for all to see.  (accessibility is not an issue - this is a nursing class so Alt Text is not needed)

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Community Team

Hi,  @jdelahunty ‌,

Thank you for submitting your question! Are you using Safari?  There have been issues with a feature in the latest version of Safari causing some embedded images to only display a question mark.  I think it's related to Safari blocking 3rd party cookies by default.  If this is the issue, the solution for viewing things correctly is to either use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, or change the security setting in Safari that is blocking 3rd party cookies.  

Hope this helps!



I’m using Chrome. The problem that I’ve come across is some students are not able to view the picture. I don’t know if it is because of the picture size, jpg or other type format, or the age of the users computer. There are 3 sections that share the same information. What we have done is build the course and quizzes in one course then export to the other two. Could this be an issue in the transfer?

I used some pictures in a previous quiz and people couldn’t see them.

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