Import of Lockdown Browser quizzes failed

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I  imported a prior course's data into my upcoming course.

The old course had three old/classic-style quizzes. They were the older type; when I last taught this course--spring 2021--Lockdown Browser was not supported for the new quiz.

It appears Lockdown Browser now works with the new quizzes. Therefore, when I imported the old-course data, I checked the box to convert quizzes to the new format.

What ended up happening is the quizzes got stuck in some status that said that the import is still processing. When the processing finally got done, I see this error in my Assignments page:

Oops! Something went wrong importing "[name of quiz]"

Is this expected? What can I do to assure the quizzes get imported, other than to not convert them to the new-quiz format?

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Hi @arencambre 

This indicates there was an issue with the import process for the quizzes. 
There are a few things you can try.

I would advise you to try and import the quizzes to your course as classic quizzes, and once you have them in your course, you can migrate them to new quizzes. 

You can do that by either selecting specific content in an import

How do I select specific content as part of a course import? 

Or you can try to do a direct share

How do I copy a quiz to another course? 

Once the quiz is imported to the course, you can migrate it into new quizzes

How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to New Quizzes? 


Another alternative would be to export the quizzes you have in the course and import the QTI package to a new quiz you have created in the course.

Here is a guide on how to export the quizzes

How do I export quiz content from a course? 

And here is a guide on how to import the questions into a new quiz.

How do I import questions from a QTI package into an item bank in New Quizzes? 

How do I import a quiz from a QTI package in New Quizzes? 


I hope you will have a great day. Thank you.

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