Importing Assignments - Is there any way to keep the Assignment Groups?

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So every semester, I import content from the previous semester into the new Canvas course. I use the "select content" option, and basically import my modules. All of the Assignments that are brought over end up in an Assignment Group called "Imported Assignments."

Then I have to go back into Assignments and create the Assignment Groups based on my syllabus's grading policy. As I typically assign numerous low-stakes exercises, this process of moving all of the items into the correct Assignment Groups is very time-confusing.

What am I missing here? Is there any way to retain the Assignment Groups from the previous semester?

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Hello @SusanNiemeyer - try this approach:

In the new upcoming Canvas course, go to Settings > Import Course Content > Import Content: Content Type: Copy a Canvas Course > In Search for a course, specify the course you wish to copy > Select All Content.

You will see that the assignment groups are retained.


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