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Importing a large file

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Hello, I have a very important course downloaded as a moodle file, after leaving my last institution.  It is too large to upload to canvas, so I cannot access the course to make changes to it, hopefully deleting some things to make it smaller.  Since the migration size is not high enough (the limit is 250mb) and the size of the file is 1.6gig, is there a way I can increase the size available for me to migrate or import so I can get access to my course?  Thanks!

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Hi  @macmaat  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

If you contact your institution Admin they will be able to increase your course size.

Unfortunately I am unsure of your institution otherwise I would be able to direct you to them. 

This guide may be of assistance to you How to contact Canvas Support.

Sing out if you still need support and I will see what else we could do. 

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