In Canvas Common, is it possible for local university Canvas administrators to pin the top listed default results

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As I was saying from the title ....the top listed default results by just entering the Common’s page, so that preferred results are already at the top of the page by default.

It would be great for communicating with new Canvas users how to access design templates.

Hey, good moring 🙂 Oh it's easy -- just go to Canvas > Click Common > top of the page you’ll see our design template(s) ← Super simple from a USER perspective.

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Hi @cmccann1,

Yes, your institution admins can absolutely do this by marking the content as "featured". The  How do I edit the details of a resource in Commons... - Instructure Community - 1811  guide shows how to do this.  I have marked one on our institutuon items as featured, and it's always the first thing displayed when users click on the commons icon.

Hope this info helps!


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