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We have a prerequisite for our exams, which is to complete a mandatory task with a minimum score of 75% correct answers. But it seems that the very submission of the compulsory assignment leads to the exam being unlocked regardless of the result. How do we prevent this?

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@SunnivaRanestad -

What @TrishaMeyer1 is alluding to is that you want both assignments in a module and you use the module settings to dictate the flow through that module.  In your case scoring a 75% or better on the mandatory task before releasing the exam.  If you are doing this, keep in mind that the order of the tasks in the module need to be in the proper order as well (some fuzzy memory on this when I dealt with this a few years ago).  That is you should have in your module list of assignments

Mandatory task

instead of

Mandatory task


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