In New Quiz, can I set time/date for marked quiz to be made visible to student?

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In NEW QUIZ I cannot find a way to set a date/time at which time the marked quiz will be made visible to the student. I can make it so the quiz does not instantly show the outcome after sitting the quiz, but it looks like it takes a manual change to the "restrict student result view" in settings in new quizzes in order to release the quizzes for full viewing by the students. If there is a way to set a time/day to do this?  cheers.
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I did a quick look of the manual pages for new quizzes and I did not find anything related to how to set a time for it (like can be done in classic quizzes).

There is a new quiz forum area and I imagine you are not the first one that has had this question.  The answer is probably in there, but I have a feeling the answer is probably you can't do it at this time.

according to the manual page:

They do not show an option for setting a release time for the answers.

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