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Include Analytics on hyperlinked files

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Instead of just dumping files into a module, I build tables to organize my material and then hyperlink text in my tables to Canvas files. I cannot see how many people are looking at my Practice Test 1, for example, I only see that they clicked on the icon I've used to direct them to the 'Practice Test' page.  I would like to have analytics that tell how many times files were accessed (even if they were done so using hyperlinks).  I know it can be done, because I've been doing it on Moodle for 5+ years.

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Hi  @loren_barnhurst  

There are related feature ideas currently open for voting that might meet your needs. Check them out and support by voting for them if you agree.

I'm sure there are more, but you can search Ideas yourself to see what else is out there.

However, such stats are of limited value - just because a user goes there, does not mean their time was spent usefully. My example is that on two computers I am logged into Canvas 24/7; but even a loony old fool like myself does not work 24/7.


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