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Idea created by Andrea McDowell on Jan 20, 2016
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    I've searched on this topic repeatedly, so if it's been addressed, sorry. I would like to be able to run analytics on a specific file or assignment to see which students have accessed it. I know how to look at each student's record, but that's extremely cumbersome.  For example, I uploaded a PDF of model (anonymous) essays from the class and want to know how many students have looked at these before submitting their next essay. It would be helpful to run a report on that item.  I really dislike having to go student by student to see who has done what vs. being able to run a report on individual files or individual modules, etc.


    Thanks, Andrea



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    July 2016 update

    Thank you for the continued conversation around this feature idea.  We have collected a number of use cases and this is something we definitely want to do, however this project is not currently allocated for.  We're not confident when this feature will be allocated for, so we are going to archive this thread for now.  Archive doesn't mean it's done.  Please continue to comment and add use cases to the thread.  Also, follow the idea to receive updates when they come available.



    March 2016 update from Chris Ward

    Thanks for all the voting and spirited discussion! We'll definitely consider adding this capability to Canvas Data as part of our ongoing coverage expansion for Canvas Data.


    Rob Ditto, we're definitely planning on doing a much better job of surfacing data like this in the UI, but we have several Canvas Data infrastructure pieces we need to complete before we're ready to tackle something like that. Know that you're being heard and that I agree this is an unmet need (now go hire me lots of engineers so we can get to this quicker  )

    I'd like to reframe this discussion in terms of the problems we're trying to solve with this data. From what I gather, this seems to be a (non-exhaustive) list:

    • Inform my lesson planning--if I know students are spending a lot of time with the material outside class that may change how I set up the time spent in class
    • Help me improve the content that is seeing a lot of use, so I can focus my efforts where they'll have the most impact
    • See what resources students are getting the most value out of, and which ones could use improvement or be removed


    • How far in advance are students beginning their assignments?
    • Do students look at the material before class?
    • Understand the relationship between time spent with the materials and assessment performance

    If I've missed anything, please feel free to add comments below.