See which students have viewed a particular page or activity and when

Idea created by Beth Young on Apr 17, 2015
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    I would like to see who has viewed any particular page or activity and when it was viewed.


    I can find some of this information by going to every student and looking through their page views, but I want to be able to quickly see who has/hasn't seen a particular page or activity, i.e., if I post an information page, I'd like to be able to access a report about view of that page. That way I can easily remind those who are overlooking something important.


    Also, the time of most recent access per student is not enough. I often need to know when a student first accessed the information. i.e., after the assignment was due? 15 mins before the assignment was due?



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    May 2015 Update from Scott

    This is a great idea and we understand the need you're presenting here. We've scoped the work required to add this feature and learned that we won't be able to fit it into the current six month development cycle. However, we've added this idea to the list of priorities for when we readdress how users interact with analytics in the next development cycle.


    I will go ahead and mark this feature idea as archived for now, but we will come back and update the thread when we have completed our prioritization work for the first half of next year.