Instructure has done it! Hooray! No more "Death by a thousand clicks!"

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So, the Instructure team has come through with an awesome "fix" to a perennial problem. For years, I have been frustrated by how modules are published. Every time I imported old course material into a new course shell, I would have to click on every single item to unpublish it. I likened this process to "death by a thousand clicks."

Well, Instructure has come up with an awesome solution. Now we can:

  • Publish module and all items
  • Publish module only
  • Unpublish module and all items

I tried it out, and it works! Well done! I am most pleased!


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Community Coach

For everyone's reference, this is covered in the Canvas Release Notes for June 17, 2023.  😎

See the section on Modules: Bulk Publish and Unpublish Module Items.

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