Is a roll back possible to graded essay questions after editing a Quiz?

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Is a roll back possible to graded essay questions after editing a Quiz?

We just edited a Quiz type assignment in Canvas that was currently being offered to students live because we discovered that students were having one question as extra credit (0 points) when they should not have been. However, after we did that, it properly lowered some students to 100% on the assignment, but it lowered some other students further (possibly because they got that question wrong?)

In the interim between seeing that it had lowered some students below 100%, we had concluded the course in Canvas.

Then, when we went to edit the quiz again, we un-concluded the course. However, in doing this (or possibly in editing the quiz the second time), the grading went away for the Essay questions on the Quiz.

Is there a way to restore the grades on those questions so that the professors do not need to grade the assignments again?

We would definitely prefer not to have the faculty have to regrade all the essays, if at all possible. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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Hi @EvanDonovan 

No, it's not possible to "roll back" quiz grades, and in particular, grades for individual questions.  The closest you can do is

1) Look at the "Grade History" to view the previous overall grade for the quiz, and manually re-enter the previous quiz grade, or

2) If the previous gradin was done more than a week ago, you/the instructors can go to your Canvas "beta" environment to view the previous question grades, then manually enter them again.

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