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Is it possible to have a word bank in new quizzes fill in the blank without dummy answers?

I like the word bank option in new quizzes fill in the blank questions, and I think it could work well to replace some drag-and-drop matching questions I originally created in Moodle, but I am running into a problem. For each blank in a multi-blank question I have to include at least two potential answers, the right one and a wrong one (distractor). I understand if there were just one blank in the question why distractor answers are necessary, but I plan to have 5 or 6 sentences each with a blank to fill with a different verb form to be dragged from a word bank. I don't want to have 10 or 12 words in the word bank; I only want the 5 or 6 real answers, particularly since for this quiz there are only 6 relevant verb forms. It is frustrating to be forced to have twice too many options at the bottom of the box--not to mention distracting for the students.

Is there a setting I've missed to allow only one potential answer per blank if there are multiple blanks in the question? Or could that functionality be added?

If I could figure out how to do this--and if we could get RTF into these fill in the blank questions--I could do everything I need to do in my Greek quizzes. As it is now, I wish we had not switched from Moodle to Canvas because I am having to reinvent all the quizzes and tests I carefully created last year.

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