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Is it possible to link to Homepage in a blueprint course?

We would like to have Syllabus as Homepage in all our blueprint courses (and therefore Syllabus is hidden for students). The Syllabus Homepage provides additional information about the teacher, office hours, phone number etc. All content in the courses are locked, except Syllabus. The teachers in all the associated courses fill out the needed information.

In every assignment (locket item) we would like to link to the Homepage if students need help for the assignment.

My question is simple: how do we make a link to the Homepage in the blueprint that works the right way in all the associated courses?

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I have not tried this with blueprint courses, but here's what should work.

In the blueprint master course, edit the pages and then use the Content Selector. Choose links, course navigation, and then find Syllabus.

Here is a lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide that provides more information: How do I insert links to course content into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector as a... 

If you're saying this doesn't work with blueprint courses, please clarify.

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Hi James, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this doesn't work because we're hiding Syllabus from the course navigation, because it is the homepage. Linking to Syllabus therefore returns an error.

Also, it is not possible to select Homepage from the Course Selector. Using the URL from the homepage in the blueprint course points the students in all the associated courses to the homepage in the blueprint course instead which also returns an error. 

Any other suggestions?

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I have tried to wrap my head around this. No, I don't think it is possible to link to Homepage in a blueprint course.

Hi  @rn1  

You are correct! I was intrigued, and so did some experimenting.  If you have a Canvas page set as the Front Page, then you can link to it in the Blueprint course, and that link will work in any associated courses. However, if you have set another content area as your home page, like the Syllabus area, then subsequently hide that content area, then there is nothing Canvas can display for student users.

Since your plan is to hide the Syllabus area, have you considered creating a syllabus page (Canvas page with syllabus template added) in the first Module of your Blueprint course, then linking to that page? If you have an HTML coder available, you could even build that syllabus in HTML with blanks to be filled in for course/teacher specific information.