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when i try to log into canvas on my macbook air its saying invalid username or password (both my username and password are correct). Then i press forgot password and the email doesnt send to me? what do i do?

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It does this on all other apple laptop that ive tried

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Hello  @mor033 ...

Happy New Year!  Thanks for posting your question.  I'm not sure if you are an instructor or a student, but there are some Guides here in the Community that may be of help to you:

However, please take a few moments to read through the information in the blue boxes of those Guides.  Depending on how your school has chosen to set up their login process to your school's Canvas environment, the screens you see may be different than what are shown in those Guides.  It may be the case that your school is using a single-sign-on (SSO) process to log into Canvas, for example.  So, as mentioned in the blue boxes, you may need to reach out to your school's IT department, local Help Desk, or a local Canvas administrator at your school who would be able to point you in the right direction to change/update your password.

I hope this information will be of help to you, Charlotte.  Please let Community members know if there is anything else related to this topic that we can assist with...thanks!

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