Is it possible to set a timeframe restriction for students to view quiz results in New Quizzes?

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In Classic Quizzes, there are several options for setting up how students can review their quiz results (that is, the quiz questions and answers, not the test scores). One option is to set a limited timeframe in which students may review their results. (See the attached screenshot of the settings page in Classic Quizzes, featuring the timeframe option.) This option is important to our exam process, to have students take a test, but delay their access to their results until after they completed an interim task, and to only allow students a limited timeframe to view the results (for security purposes).  

However, this functionality does not appear to be possible in New Quizzes. (See the attached screenshot of the settings page in New Quizzes--note that although there are several new options for what to restrict students from seeing, there is no longer an option for setting up when to set a timeframe restriction). I have researched the Canvas Community exhaustively, and I am not able to find any option.

As a result, it seems I will have to set the quiz results to not being visible to students, schedule a time in which to make them visible, and then manually change the quiz settings at that time. This workaround (if it works) is an annoyance.

My school is transitioning from D2L to Canvas. D2L also had this limited timeframe option. It seems like Canvas is taking a step backward by omitting this option in New Quizzes. The kicker is that apparently, having migrated to New Quizzes, it is not possible for me to revert to the Classic Quizzes format!

I would appreciate any help you can offer, but please do not direct me to any of the following Canvas Community resources; I have already found that these (and others) do not address the issue:

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 Thank you for your attention.

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Community Coach

@TanyaLeffler -

You are correct.  There is no way to restrict the viewing of the answers.  

Your comment about migrating to new quizzes means you can't go to classic quizzes.  I have not had to do a migration, so I am not sure how that could be an issue.  I would think that if you migrated D2l quizzes to Canvas quizzes - selecting new quizzes that you could do that again, but go to classic quizzes.  Unless your institution is strictly set up for new quizzes.  


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