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Is there a way to make one assignment dependent on another assignment without other requirements?

Is there a way to engineer it so that a student cannot submit an assignment before another one is completed WITHOUT making them complete assignments in sequential order and WITHOUT hiding subsequent modules from them?

I want my students to have to submit a first draft before submitting a final draft but I want them to be able to work through the pre-writing activities in whatever order they like. I also don't want students to hide subsequent modules from students.

The only ways I have found to do this with either require students to work through the module in sequential order or hide the rest of the course modules until the final draft is submitted.

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The short answer is no 🙂

Perhaps it would be enough to require the first draft and the second draft in sequential order and leave everything else. That way they would have to hand in the drafts in order, but nothing else is affected.

@lic Do you mean to create a module with just those two assignments in it so that I can require them in sequential order?

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You would not have to hide a module if you setup requirements and prerequisites.

If you put the final draft in a module by itself, you would then set a requirement for the module with the first draft, set it that the first draft must have a submission to be complete.  Next set the module with the final draft assignment to lock until the previous module requirements have been met. This isn't hiding the module, it simply won't let them access the final draft module until something is submitted to the first draft assignment. 

See this guide.

How do I add prerequisites to a module? - Instructure Community (

and this will help too, 

How do I add requirements to a module? - Instructure Community (

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Or you can put it all in the same module, if you don't require them to do the exercises.

Exercise - no requirement, just there
First draft required first
Second draf required second

If you want to require them to do the exercises, you will have to split into multiple modules and then set the exercise module as a prerequisite for the draft module.