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Is there a way to rearrange items in a rubric?

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Once I create a rubric, is there a way to rearrange the items, or add items into the rubric, not necessarily at the end?

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I agree.  The rubric features must be updated by Canvas.

I appreciate the contributions regarding workarounds. Thank you.  However, these are still workaround for what should be a basic function.

I also appreciate the work Canvas did with NEW QUIZZES and GRADEBOOK; however, in an object-hierarchy rubrics are a more basic object in that they feed/affect quizzes and gradebook.   

Deleting and rebuilding a rubric in order to re-sequence it is not acceptable.

Rubric line items must be easily re-sequenced.

Hello Canvas, it's a 2020 CoVid world!  We need some help here.  Are you listening?

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@Stef_retired : The link to this workaround doesn't go anywhere anymore. Any update?



@mathomas Try this one: Sorting Rubrics Made Easy (I'll edit the older one).

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Thanks, @Stef_retired! That link worked. 

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It's really frustrating that Canvas does NOT listen to its users or even to the district tech admins about features that need to be fixed. Why can't we reorder rows on our rubrics? 

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As many people said, it's pretty basic UI yet very useful so please do it.

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Stephanie, Just an FYI:  This no longer works.

The link still works, @blong ; are you referring to the process itself? If so, please post your question about it under  Sorting Rubrics Made Easy so the author can make changes as necessary.

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I was referring to the process.  I noted it on the board for James as requested.

Life saver! Works like a charm.