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Is there an NGSS CA CSV available?


Has anyone put together the NGSS for California in a csv for upload to outcomes? I tried the Kiddom csv for NGSS but received the error that the structure wasn't correct.

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Community Participant

I am working on one now, but having trouble importing a CSV that has NGSS-copied multiple paragraph information in the "description"

Community Team
Community Team

lphand  @krhughes 

Did you two develop a solution you think others would benefit from?  Or are you still looking for solution?

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I did for just the NGSS standards I teach, but it needs work and isn't prime time yet.

Looking forward to when you share it!

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@lph @Renee_Carney @krhughes Did any of you come up with one yet? I am also looking for one but I want it to include the DCIs as well since not all of the DCIs are taught in one specific grade level. Due to the integrated features of NGSS, this is rather important for vertical articulation. This is the one I have for now but it does not include DCIs- only the PEs

Community Participant

Canvas will upload NGSS standards for you.  After a few weeks of requesting, I found that their upload was not formatted appropriately.  Several of the "assessment boundaries" and "clarifying statements" were inappropriately listed as actual standards.

I worked up my own version of an upload CSV.  If it is useful, feel free to use it.