Is there any way to see what courses tutors have access to in canvas

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Wondering is ther any way of finding out what courses tutors/instructors have been added to?


Any clues.

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Yes there are multiple ways 🙂

- Manually doing VLOOKUP with Provisioning reports

To get the provisioning reports go to Admin -> Settings -> Reports. Then download the following reports

  • Enrollments (This report will show all user enrollments within an account
  • Courses (To map course name with Enrollments table using "canvas_course_id")
  • Users (To map user name with Enrollments table using "canvas_user_id")

Provisioning Report.png

- Getting site-wide data using Canvas Data

Canvas Data 2 allows you to create custom reports. Using Canvas Data, with a single SQL query you can get a list of courses being assigned to all trainers

You might need to contact your CSM to enable Canvas Data 2 for you. 

Feel free to send me a PM if you need help setting up Canvas Data 🙂


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If you don't want to do VLOOKUP or set up Canvas Data, there is another easier way by using Canvas API. You can enter a list of trainers into a spreadsheet, then write a script to iterate through each trainer and display the enrolled courses (Using Enrollments API endpoint). If you would like to go down this path, let me know and I can assist you with the script.

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