Issues with Student Peer Reviews

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I have peer reviews set up for assignments in Canvas, but the people trying to complete them are unable to access them. They can see the peer review shown in their To Do List, but when they click on it, they receive an Access Denied screen. I am not able to locate any thing saying this has changed. Am I missing a step?

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So I entered a ticket with Canvas and it is actually a known issue. At this time my case has been put on hold and I will be updated once a fix is implemented. 

For clarity, this assignment submission type was file upload. 

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So, here's a possible reason and solution.

I've given my students an assignment that allows them to work in partners, and have set up the assignment as a group assignment even though not all students are working in partnerships. Additionally, peer reviews are required from each individual student. However, when a partnership submits a draft to be reviewed, sometimes the person in the partnership who did not submit the draft for their partnership is denied access to the peer reviews that they have been assigned to do. So, just out of curiosity, I asked the student who was getting the access denied message to also submit the same document that his partner had submitted on their behalf. As soon as he did that, he gained access to the peer review documents to which he had already been assigned.

Dang. That sounds way more complicated than it is, but after trying a bunch of other things, that actually worked!

For what it's worth…

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