LTI Integration set up internal server error

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We're currently looking at using LTI and integrating with the platform but running into some issues. As far as we can tell, the configuration is correct, but we're getting an internal server error on the Canvas side after the redirect. We've looked at the docs and all the details that are required look to be correct. We're using a cloud hosted Canvas setup. 
The error we're getting is:
{"errors":[{"message":"An error occurred.","error_code":"internal_server_error"}],"error_report_id":3451}

Is there a way for us to see these errors, or is this completely hidden away from us. When we go to `/error_reports/3451` we get a "you don't have permissions to view this" — no one on our systems seems to have permission to view this.

Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated.

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