Canvas-PowerSchool Sync At End of Term

Community Contributor

We are new to syncing between Canvas and PowerSchool. We have reached the end of our first term, as we have courses that end at the end of the 1st marking period.  Like many schools, while our marking period ends one day (in this case, 11/3/22), our teachers have several days to tie up grades and finalize their grades.


However, we are finding that as of 11/4/22, Canvas will no longer sync grades to PowerSchool for that first term, as it is showing that the term is over, even though we have allowed extra time for teacher access to both the term and the grading period in the Canvas admin console.


This is a MAJOR issue, as our teachers need to be able to finalize their marking period and course grades. Is there a solution to this?  We can't be alone in this situation.