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Hello everyone!

We are in the process of migrating our custom LTI tools to another server, and I'm having some trouble getting a tool to launch from the new server.  We are using Tomcat for deployment, having upgraded to Tomcat 9 (from 7) as part of the migration, and put up an Apache front end as well.  The tool development is done in Eclipse using Java, HTML, and Javascript.

I think the most important piece of information for troubleshooting this comes from the access log, which shows the initial POST call for a tool launch just like it used to (and nothing else):

"POST /course_info/launch HTTP/1.1" 302 –

However, the first thing that should happen after this call is a line should be written into the log, which is not happening.  So this suggests that the launch itself has reached out to the proper server with the proper request (meaning the dev key URI is correct), but then nothing happens after that point.  When I attempt to launch the tool, I get the message "Sorry, there was an error connecting you to the application".  I've triple checked the consumer id and key in the tool config, along with the client and secret in the xml config file.

Is there some additional configuration required to allow the Apache front end to pass the request properly?  Do we need to change something about how we configure/build/deploy the tool given that we upgraded Tomcat to version 9?  Does anyone have any idea what I should even be looking at to troubleshoot this?

-David Rios
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We managed to figure it out.  On the Apache side, we had to change from basic port forwarding to an AJP connector before the oauth secret could be validated.  The lack of logging is a separate issue that we are currently working on.


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