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LaTex support dropped completely?

I looks like the latex support using $$ x^2 $$ and \( x^2 \) is now completely offline. Is this be design? I'm an instructor at Bellevue College.

After spending hours writing pages, only to find that they are now useless, I can't say that I'm happy.

Another step backward for those of us trying to use open source and fully accessible resources!

I've tried to use this on Quizzes, Pages, Assignments, and Discussion Boards. I was thorough so that I could make sure I don't just get the response that I see in quite a few places: "It will all work better on New Quizzes. Accept the current crumminess because in an unknown amount of time it won't be crummy anymore."

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This is a popular theme in the Community today (or maybe I'm just sensitive to it because all of my lecture notes for Calculus 2 became instantly useless last night). Some of the other threads have Instructure employees saying that the engineers pulled support for it and are working on it. There was no estimate on how long that would be.

I will say that other people have gotten better responses from Instructure than I did when I filed a ticket. They asked inane questions that I had already answered in the original ticket. That response was written about 1.5 hours after a response in the Community about finding out through chat that the engineers had pulled it.

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@James Thanks for this info and for linking to the other threads.  Sigh.  I really wish that Canvas would have posted that they had pulled support.  Perhaps they did, and I missed it. 

I am just disappointed since I have really been talking-up this release for some time and have been helping faculty port their content over only to have it become useless for them.  😞

I share your pain @KOliveras. I've been trying to issue a blog post and supporting documentation for this and was very happy it seemed to be working OK this time round. I was going to send it out at the end of the week if things were OK. I'm lucky I waited.

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