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I am leaving my institution in a few weeks. I've created several Canvas Courses that already have students enrolled. I have added my replacement as a teacher to the course. I'm worried that when my user profile is deleted, the course will also delete. Can someone help confirm or clarify what happens to courses I've created once my user profile is gone? How can I ensure smooth transition of ownership to the new faculty?


My last choice is to export the course and then have the new faculty import it, as there are already students enrolled, but I will if I must! 


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@ahawleye  You do not have anything to worry about.  Courses don't belong to users, they belong to the Canvas instance.  Even without any users, the course will still be there.  Since you have already given the next teacher access, there should not be anything else.  The only catch would be if you have linked stuff that is owned by you and is outside of Canvas, such as Google docs or Office 365 docs. 

Hope this helps!


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I confirmed with my CSM years ago worried about the content that was created in Studio, since the content is typically embedded from someone's account, and even in that case if the person leaves the institution the videos will still belong to the institution's instance.  However, like @nwilson7 mentioned, I'm not altogether sure how OneDrive or Google would play out if you're embedding third party content.  

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