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Link Validation Produces Errors for Content Not in the Course

I have a weird Link Validation error and hoping someone might have an idea why this is happening or how to fix it. After performing a Link Validation, it is stating that pictures are missing from some assignments. There is one problem. Those assignments are nowhere to be found. If I got to the Assignments page, none of the set producing the errors are there. They are not on Pages, Modules, Assignments...I cannot find them.

But if I click on the assignment through Link Validation, I can access them. The 5-digit course number listed in the URL matches the course I am accessing.

How is there content in the course that does not appear to be in the course?

As background, I manage four sandbox courses for multiple teachers in our district. Each one houses the curriculum for a particular course. Teachers then import the content they need into the courses they use with students. This helps us collaborate on the content in a shared environment without disrupting the content we are using with students.

I have another Sandbox that I use for testing things, and I usually use it to export specific content for sharing. It is within this course I am having the issue. Our district has restricted access to the Course Reset, so I usually need to manually delete everything in the course before I use it to create an export for something new. Could that be causing the issue? The course was completely empty before I imported content today, prior to the link validation being done.

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@JeffCampbell -

I was just going through the unanswered questions and came across this one.  I really have no idea on what is happening - it is definitely strange.  However, I am wondering if it is an assignment that has been deleted but is still being tested.  

You can verify this by putting /undelete at the end of the course url when you are on the courses home page.  If we are lucky, that will show the page in question.