Link Validator and Delayed Announcements

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Hi all,

To create an AU22 course, used the import tool to copy an AU21 course AND adjust dates. When I did this, Canvas, of course, copied over all announcements.

Before I  set them to delay dates that work for AU22's semester schedule, I want to make sure that any hyperlinks in Announcements (either to external websites or content in the course) are working.

My question

Does the Validate Links tool "review" the links in these delayed Announcements?  Or is it just Pages, and Assignments in a Canvas course?


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Community Coach

Hi @murphy_1527 ...

Yes, the link validator does check announcements...even if they are delayed.

How do I validate links in a course? 

You'll see that this Guide refers to checking course content...which I assume means "all the things"...including announcements.

To test this (and you can do the same), I created an announcement, and then delayed it until tomorrow evening.  I included a link to an external website that I knew would not work.  The link validator caught it.

Screenshot 2022-06-29 161008.jpg

Here's the deal, though.  You'll note that my "Bacon!" announcement displays as a "DISCUSSION".  It's still an announcement...though it is displayed as a "DISCUSSION".  (If you were to open up the announcement, you'd see this as part of the URL at the top of your screen: "discussion_topics".)

So...I hope this will help a bit to answer your question.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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