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I would like to link from one Canvas course to content on another course. Problem is, I don't want to link to a page, I want to link to content within a page, specifically content within an accordion.
I have tried making an anchor point in the HTML and then pointing to that anchor. This works for content NOT in accordions, but I have not had any success for content within accordions.
Any suggestions gratefully received!

Thank you


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Hi @EmmaChapman ...

So after consulting with another Canvas Coach, it seems like your school must be doing some different things in the global JavaScript and/or CSS for accordions that is making those display for you.  This is based on some of the classes that are displayed in the code you shared above.  I tried some of the code in my own sandbox course, and it didn't display like you've shown.  You'd probably want to have a discussion with your school's Canvas admin or someone from their Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Education department about how they are getting that to work for your Canvas environment.

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Ok, thanks @Chris_Hofer - I have come full circle as they don't have a solution. So I'll have to figure out another way! Thanks for your help anyway.

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